2022 Bracketology – Our Final Predictions

2022 Bracketology

Selection Sunday is finally here, and all remaining bids will go out today! The bubble is getting interesting with Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M getting big wins in their conference tournaments. Here’s my take on what 2022 Bracketology will look like.

1 Seeds

Gonzaga*, Arizona*, Kansas*, and Baylor

These are now locked after Kentucky’s loss to Tennessee and Kansas bringing home the Big 12 Tournament Title. Gonzaga (West), Arizona (South), Kansas (Midwest) and Baylor (East) should be the way the one line falls.

2 Seeds

Kentucky, Duke, Auburn, Tennessee

Tennessee makes an appearance on the two line with a win over Kentucky. Purdue and the Volunteers could change places based on today’s results.

3 Seeds

Purdue, Villanova*, Wisconsin, Texas Tech

Purdue could move up to the two lines with a win over Iowa today. Texas Tech and Villanova cemented themselves on the three line with strong conference tournaments.

4 Seeds

UCLA, Providence, Illinois, Arkansas

Arkansas would fall to the five line with an Iowa win over Purdue today. Providence predictions are not good but 5-3 against quad one and 9-2 against quad two, they have to be a top four seed.

5 Seeds

Iowa, Houston, UConn, St. Mary’s

Iowa and Houston would both be in the conversation for a four seed if they win today. I think Iowa replaces Arkansas with a win, but Houston just doesn’t have enough for me. But, I could see the committee moving them up.

6 Seeds

Texas, Colorado State, Murray State*, Boise State*

Boise State, San Diego State and Alabama, that is what the final six seed came down to for me for 2022 Bracketology. I like the Aztecs’ résumé better than the Broncos’, but with three head-to-head losses, how do you move them ahead of Boise State?

This is where I could lose a lot of points, as I am higher on Colorado State, Murray State, and Boise State than most bracketologists.

7 Seeds

San Diego State, Alabama, LSU, USC

This is where a deep dive really changed my brackets. I do not like USC to go far, but their resume was a lot better when I looked it over than I had thought. Can’t see how you put Ohio State ahead of them.

8 Seeds

Ohio State, Michigan State, North Carolina, Seton Hall

Just based on names, this is a pretty scary bunch of eight seeds. Seton Hall and TCU were a tough call for the last eight seed.

9 Seeds

TCU, Creighton, Loyola-Chicago*, San Francisco

For whatever reason between the six through nine lines, this is the one I feel most confident on.

10 Seeds

Marquette, Iowa State, Miami, Memphis

Memphis and Davidson could switch spots based on today’s results. If Memphis wins they are the last ten seed, if they lose and Davidson wins, Davidson becomes the last ten seed.

11 Seeds

Davidson, Indiana, Va Tech*, Texas A&M

Virginia Tech will be a popular upset pick, and I cannot blame people. Their resume still says 11 seed, but their predictive analytics say this team could easily be in the Sweet 16. If Texas A&M loses to Tennessee and Richmond beats Davidson the Aggies move to the play-in game.

12 Seeds

Michigan/Wyoming, North Texas/Oklahoma, UAB*, South Dakota State*

This is where 2022 Bracketology gets hairy. You have Notre Dame, Michigan, Wyoming, Rutgers, SMU, Oklahoma, Xavier, Wake Forest, and North Texas for four spots. That could actually shrink by one if Richmond beats Davidson.

It really could go a number of different ways and you will see bracketologists miss more teams than ever before. If someone gets all four right, they will put themselves in the driver’s seat, as it will be extremely tough this season.

Rutgers is out for me due to the three losses outside of the top two quads. Wake Forest is out due to only being 5-7 against the top two quads with two quad three losses. Notre Dame is out due to being 4-9 against the top two quads.

Xavier is 9-11 against top two quads with two losses in quad three. SMU is 6-6, but has two losses outside of the top two quads, and one against a quad four opponent. North Texas is 6-4 against top two quads, and two quad three losses, they slightly edge SMU.

Oklahoma has the highest NET at 40 and the most quad one and two wins with 10. They are 10-14 with one quad three loss. Because of the amount of wins I have them as the last time in. If Richmond wins the Sooners are the last team out.

Michigan and Wyoming were the two easiest for me.

13 Seeds

Vermont*, Chattanooga*, New Mexico State*, Princeton

If Princeton loses today this last 13 seed will go to Montana St. and Yale will become a 14 seed.

14 Seeds

Montana St.*, Akron*, Longwood*, Colgate*

15 Seeds

Delaware*, St. Peter’s*, Georgia St*, Jacksonville St*

16 Seeds

Wright St*, Texas Southern*, Cal St Fullerton.*, Norfolk State*, Texas A&M-CC*, Bryant*

First Four Out: SMU, Xavier, Rutgers, Notre Dame
Next Four Out: Wake Forest, VCU, Dayton, Florida


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