3 Biggest Storylines Heading Into the NBA Season

3 Biggest Storylines Heading Into the NBA Season

The NBA season is not too far away. We are around two and a half weeks away from opening night, which should excite every NBA fan. It is time to figure out the storylines and narratives that will be in place once the season arrives.

Every year, we see the season start with headlines that can dominate the airwaves. From trade rumors, to potential Finals teams, the NBA news cycle never sleeps. There are tons of storylines that intrigue the masses.

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However, there are a select few that have everyone buzzing for months on end, or even the entirety of the season. Those are the ones we will be looking at today. Here are the top three storylines heading into the NBA season.

3. Can the Golden State Warriors Regain Form?

For several years, the Golden State Warriors were the premier dynasty in basketball. They were a shoe in to be in the Finals every season until Kevin Durant left and Klay Thompson got injured. That is when things began to change.

It has been two years since their last Finals appearance; and they have not made it to the playoffs in both of those seasons. Stephen Curry was phenomenal last season, but even that wasn’t enough. This season is the year for them to be back, but can they regain form is the real question.

The Western Conference is slightly open as of right now. The Los Angeles Lakers are looked at as the prohibitive favorite, but who is going to fall right behind them? This Warriors squad should be able to crack into that spot, if everything falls into place.

2. What Will Happen with Ben Simmons?

One of the most compelling stories of the offseason was the rift between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers. After the end of their round two loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the assumption was that Simmons would be moved. However, he is still on the team.

The camp of Simmons has stated that he wants out and will have no problem to not show up for the entire season until he is traded. Joel Embiid has not been afraid to voice his opinion on the issue. This situation has gotten messy.

Both sides seem done with one another. However, the Sixers are having an issue to trade him. They do not want to sell him short; there is a demand that they will not waver from.

Simmons has made it clear what he wants. The Sixers have also made clear on what they want as well. This problem will be dragged out for as long as the Sixers want.

1. Lakers-Nets Collision Course

The NBA Finals matchup for this season might be set in stone already. The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets were already viewed as dominant forces, but they somehow got better. Both teams had a perfect offseason.

The Lakers added some Hall of Famers in Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. They added young guards in Malik Monk and Kendrick Nunn. This team is in line to dominate the Western Conference.

Then there are the Brooklyn Nets. They had one of the more underrated signings with Patty Mills. They grabbed veterans LaMarcus Aldridge and Paul Millsap. The biggest acquisition might be health and a full season with their big three.

This seems as though we are on the brink of a Finals collision course between these two titans.


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