ACC predictions for the 2022-23 season


In recent years the sport of basketball has been evolving and growing allowing players the opportunity to venture off to other opportunities and experiences that were not previously available. The biggest controversial question that played the sport of basketball in recent years has been whether professional basketball like the NBA is as entertaining as collegiate basketball. A common question asked in the basketball community is do you like the NBA or college better?

This is a fair question as the games differ drastically from professional to collegiate. Despite the rules and regulations being slightly different, there aren’t many differences between the two leagues to an ordinary spectator. A real fan of the sport will realize the difference between collegiate in the NBA is the spacing in the focus on players in the NBA.

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These players are played millions of dollars to do sir things on the court it becomes less for the love of the game and more of a business. You are more likely to see isolation in spacing in the NBA as these players are paid great sums to score the ball. this is as opposed to basketball at the collegiate level where it is more of a team-oriented game and you see the true talent these players have as they play at the highest level.

ACC’s rumored downfall

There are some teams in basketball specifically the ACC that are notoriously good year in and year out. In recent years you were here people have had discussions saying the ACC is falling off and they aren’t as good as in previous years. Granted I do believe Covid affected collegiate basketball significantly as it halted players’ projections and postseason tournaments.

This halt reset the scale of collegiate basketball as the ACC was more even as players played in their bubble. Looking back at the previous 21-22 season we can gain insight into where the current ranking of ACC teams resides. Even with the following off of the ACC, there were three teams from the ACC that made it to the elite 8 in the March Madness tournament.

With the number one spot in the 2122 season, the Duke Blue Devils found her selves at the top with a 16-4 record. With the help of the current number, one draft to Paulo Banquero Duke was able to make a run in the March Madness tournament as they eventually came short to the University of North Carolina.

The University of North Carolina ended up number two in the basketball standings in the last season as they went 15-5 making it to the championship game of the march madness tournament. Brady Mannick and Armando Bacot were the catalyst for this team and lead them all to a fantastic season. Notre Dame found themselves just underneath the tar heels landing third in the ACC standings just above the University of Miami. The University of Miami was predicted to end in the bottom half of the standings and shock the world as they made it to the elite eight and fourth in the ACC.

ACC Predictions for Following season

My prediction for the next season is that the universities with historic Basketball backgrounds will find themselves in the upper half of the ACC standings but since the shock in the ACC things have found themselves to be more balanced as the tablet has been spread evenly around the league.

I believe the ACC is the best conference in collegiate basketball and the intercompetition among the schools has proven to be high-level and unlike other leagues. I’m positive that the University of Miami will finish in the upper half of the standings as well as Boston College which isn’t historically good basketball schools, they have been making strides and getting better and you will be sure to see them in the future.


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