Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets in Trade Talks

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics offer

Today, January 25th, news came out that the Boston Celtics have proposed a trade to get Kevin Durant. The Boston Celtics have offered Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, and a first-round pick, the Nets declined, however, the trade talks are not over yet. The Nets have asked them to up the trade and add Marcus Smart, another role player, and add more picks.

I was personally kind of surprised when I read the news this morning since Jaylen Brown played well in the NBA finals and the team was just two wins away from an NBA Championship. This is not the first time the Boston Celtics have been disloyal to a player that gave the city of Boston its all.

For Example, Isiah Thomas gave the Boston Celtics his all carried them to the playoffs, and had a 60-point performance the day after his sister passed away, yet the Boston Celtics still traded him away that very summer.

Jaylen Brown was not happy after hearing these trade rumors as he tweeted out SMH

this morning. Jaylen Brown has been in trade offers for the past few years because the duo of him and Tatum did not reach the ceiling they believed they were capable of. However, after proving all the haters wrong and making the finals this year, I am sure that Brown believed any trade rumors were long gone.

The question is if the Boston Celtics are not capable of figuring out a trade with Brooklyn, how will it affect Brown’s relationship with the organization as a trade rumor is like a stab in the back to a player.

If Kevin Durant got traded to Boston, this will be the second time he joins the same team that eliminated him from the playoffs, a question fans ask is how will this affect Durant’s legacy? Will a Boston vs Golden State rematch with Kevin Durant on the Boston Celtics be the highest-grossing NBA Finals in History? Does Durant beating his former team in the Finals and bringing Boston a ring makes him a top player and champion of all time?

Problems trading Durant?

The Nets have been looking for trade all summer, however, the offers they have received have not been enticing enough to accept. Since the Nets have Kevin Durant on a 4-year contract, they are in no rush to trade Durant unless they are offered something they love.

After seeing this offseason so far the Utah Jazz was able to get a haul of players and 5 first-round picks all for center Rudy Gobert. After seeing this the Nets should not accept anything close to less of this as Kevin Durant is arguably the best player in the league.

Any team that does the trade for Kevin Durant has to realize that they are getting a player who has a 50/50 shot at winning Most Valuable Player next season. Kyrie has just announced that he wants to play for Brooklyn regardless of if Durant is still on the team or not which is quite surprising due to the fact he said he wanted to play for the Los Angeles Lakers this entire summer.


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