Who changed the game of basketball more, Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant

When Kevin Durant was playing for the Thunder, Kevin Durant revolutionized the traditional stretch 4 game. He was able to play at the 3,4 and 5 and created multiple mismatches. The way 3s were executed with bigs was altered by Kevin Durant. There were various three-play options. Various selections were conceivable.

When Curry arrived, he successfully utilized the 3-point game. He had spent his entire life preparing for this, and the reward couldn’t have been greater. Coaches in the NBA had to keep an eye out for 3-point shooters at that time. The situation in the game was about to change.

With his 3-point shooting, Curry entered the game and broke down the barricades. Nobody, not even a coach, was prepared for this. Curry seized the chance to use the innovative 3-point plays against the weak three-point defense. As a result, the Warriors were able to reconsider their lineup and center the team around Curry.

KD’s Opportunities

Kevin Durant had the potential to be the first Curry, but Harden and Westbrook did not give him the freedom to be. He eventually emerged as the first Kevin Durant, a big man with a truly universal shooting range. Later, Steph used his freedom to become the first Steph. However, this time, he had the skills and the personnel to lead this brand-new 3-point attack. I believe that Kevin Durant chose the Warriors for this exact reason. They were the only team in the NBA that was playing his way to in the entire franchise while every other team was merely beginning.

Curry, though, hit 402 threes in a season when the previous record was 286. The previous record holder? Curry, set the season before. The record holder before that? Curry was set two seasons earlier. The record holder before THAT was finally someone other than Curry, the great Ray Allen, with 269 threes. He established a mark that was a mere 149% of the old record. That season, you could reasonably say that he broke basketball.

Kevin Durant changed the way bigs play because of his height and skills. He made it okay for bigs to shoot 3 threes and work on all aspects of their game instead of just working on post moves and protecting the paint.

Broken Records

Curry broke the 3-point record of 286 three-pointers made with 402 made. Curry held the previous record, which he established the season before. Before then, who held the record? Two seasons prior, Curry. The legendary Ray Allen, who held the previous record with 269 threes, was finally the previous record holder instead of Curry.

He set a record that was just 149 percent higher than the previous one. You could logically conclude that he revolutionized basketball during that season. Only nine times in NBA history have players made at least 272 3-pointers in a season. Five of them are the responsibility of Curry. He was the first player to ever surpass 300 points, and his 402 3-pointers made during the 2015–16 season set an NBA record for a single season.

In my opinion, Stephen Curry has revolutionized the game of basketball more than Kevin Durant. Teams in the NBA have made plays that strictly revolve around defending a 3-point attempt. Not only defend, but many teams have also relied heavily on taking 3-point shots rather than a mid-range jumper.


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