Three Players That Changed The NBA Forever

changed the NBA forever

Three Players That Changed The NBA Forever

The NBA has been around for a long time, and they had been many players who have passed through the league. Many Hall of Famer has set Lasting records and paved the way for the future of the NBA. There are a few players who can be said changed the NBA. In my opinion, three players changed the NBA forever.

Shooting Star

change the NBA forever

Starting off this list is Stephen Curry. It is no doubt that Stephen Curry is currently in his prime after winning his fourth NBA championship and being named finals MVP. Stephen Curry took the three-point shot and gave it a whole new meaning. Back in 2009 when the Golden State Warriors drafted Stephen Curry teams are attempting 18 threes per game, now looking forward teams such as the Minnesota Timberwolves are shooting 42 threes per game.

This boost in three-point shots taken is a credit to the success of the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry has proven that more three-point shots attempted are beneficial for the success of their team as threes are more valuable than twos. This reminds me of the saying live by the three or dies by the three and we can surely see that the Golden State Warriors have been living in thriving for a while.

His three point shooting has been the big shot that changed the NBA forever.


The next player on my list is LeBron James. LeBron James arguably had the most responsibility placed on him coming out of high school. With one of the most hype ever seen in a high school athlete. The only athlete I can see who had similar hype is Zion Williamson but that’s another argument. LeBron James truly changed the NBA forever.

As a teenager catapulting his team to playoff status was unseen. LeBron instantly became the face of the NBA replacing Michael Jordan. LeBron has changed the game in a sense of athlete longevity. LeBron is one of a kind with a flawless résumé it seems as if LeBron can do no wrong. And going on his 20th season in the NBA he has only been injured a handful of times. LeBron is a one-of-a-kind athlete, and you cannot place the same standards on his body as you do others. LeBron is different than other superstars in the NBA.


Michael Jordan revolutionized the game of basketball, and it is there’s a reason why he is normally referred to as the goat. Air Jordan gave fans something they’ve never seen before with explosive dunks creative handles and a clutch factor the world has never seen before Michael Jordan took the NBA by storm and changed the NBA forever.

Leaving a lasting impact athletically Michael Jordan also changes the game with his style. Michael Jordan monetized himself and created his brand creating shoes that will benefit him gratefully financially. Michael Jordan was more than an athlete in his time, He was a celebrity and an Icon. Michael Jordan was loved by the fans even participating in movies and multiple sponsorship events.

Michael Jordan was not only an athlete, but he was also a businessman.


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