Future of the NBA

Future of the NBA

Future of the NBA

What can we expect for the future of the NBA after the Golden State Warriors win their fourth NBA championship in recent years? The NBA has been ever-expanding and evolving since the era of Michael Jordan Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

The league has been leaning towards taller athletic Big Sur versatile and can handle the rock. Maybe influences from the European style of play as Biggs overseas are more fundamentally sound and better shooters than average American centers. Players like LeBron James and KD tare upwards of 6’10 and 7 feet handling the ball and are multitalented athletes who can do anything on the court.

They seem to have influenced the future of the NBA. The top three picks in this year‘s NBA draft we’re all upwards of 6’10 with Chet Holmgren being 7’2.

Versatile Centers

Players like Shaq and Yao Ming made their dominance known back in the day and the ball was constantly thrown to the post. In today’s game, the most similar players to Shaq and Yao Ming are Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokić.

Both of these players are centers and have shown that they are completely unguardable in today’s game, Jokic even was named NBA MVP. These two players share many similarities that separate them from previous centers back in the day.

Both players are 7 feet tall and play crucial roles in their team’s success. When they are on the court they have the ball in their hands the majority of the time and are allowed to make decisions as the offense is run through them. Both players can score at all three levels in the post the mid-range and the three-point level and have exceptional ballhandling skills allowing them to do it all for their team.

When you watch players like in bead and Jokic play it is clear to see that they are unguardable and they have definitely mastered their craft

Spacing is Everything

The game is expanding and for upcoming players, the best advice I can provide is to work on every aspect of your game and become a jack of all trades, since that is the future of the NBA. Don’t place yourself in a single category as it is shown the NBA is expanding and are looking for players who can create for themselves as well as others.

Players who can shoot the three-ball from distance help their team expand the floor and open up their offense to many other opportunities. Spacing is key in the NBA to allow players to work and operate. I’m enjoying the current direction of the NBA and I can see the potential that the up-and-coming young athletes can provide I am excited to see what is next.

Players like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have shown how lethal a three-point shot can be and I know NBA teams are scrambling to see how they can compete in that category as winning an NBA championship is the end goal for every team. The importance of the 3 balls is undeniable, and players who can add anything offensively are a bonus.


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