Have Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons Ruined Their Trade Value Throughout the League?

Have Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons Ruined Their Trade Value Throughout the League?

The Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons situation have been seen by all throughout the league and on social media. Their words and decisions throughout this entire process have tainted how the league and how the world sees them as people and as players. It also doesn’t help that their contracts are extensively expensive and that they come with their own specific problems individually that make it difficult for other teams to have interest in them.

Ben Simmons

After last year‘s playoff run with the 76ers and Ben Simmons passing up of the layup that could have won them the game and series, Doc Rivers in Joel Embiid‘s comments after the game has Shirley burn the bridge between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers. Saying that they may or may not be able to win with him and the crucial turning point of the game has really left a mark on Ben Simmons and how he feels about his teammates and the organization.

Simmons has been reported to not be practicing with the team or engaging in conversation with his teammates and the team’s general manager. And as time has passed forward Ben Simmons’ lack of ability to shoot along with the way he is handling his situation in Philadelphia has made his trade value decrease regardless of his talent and defensive skills.

Ben Simmons all the while being a defensive runner-up for player of the year and having all-star appearances and leading a team to the playoffs mini teams would love to have this floor general on the roster to add some control and pacing to the unit

He is willing to miss out on huge payouts and willing to burn bridges with his teammates all for the simple reason that he does not want to be in Philadelphia any longer nor does he want to be a part of this team. While Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid have made some effort for damage control, Ben Simmons has not wavered in his decision to not play and not be a part of the 76ers roster until he has been moved.

Kyrie Irving

Since before the preseason Kyrie Irving situation has not gotten better for him nor the Brooklyn Nets in their ultimate decision to not play Kyrie Irving nor offer him an extension. The vaccine mandate has put Irving in a tough position of playing basketball and sticking to his concerns with putting the vaccine into his body when he doesn’t want to.

And because of his unwillingness to get the vaccine many people around the world see this action as selfish and overall just not being a team player. This intern has decreased Kyrie’s trade value along with his extensive history of “problems” that have come along while he was on other teams.

Kyrie is a 50-40-90 player with a championship and multiple All-Star appearances. Moreover he is a USA gold medalist and has the best handles in the league to go along with a deadly shot which makes him a triple threat from all areas on the court not to mention his clutchless and his extensive ability as a point guard.

With this extensive package of skill as a basketball player many teams would jump for joy at the opportunity to add Kyrie to the roster. However with Kyrie’s extensive history and to go along with that, his unwillingness to get the vaccine many teams see him as a distraction or problem that could occur within their locker room and within the organization. That’s making his trade value almost zero especially with the NBA coming back today.

Both of these amazing players have amazing accolades at their side to go along with great skill and personality and all the while being great people, however in their current situations both of these players have put their backs against the walls and may not end up playing this season unless their outlook changes.


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