How the COVID Vaccine has affected the NBA League

How the COVID Vaccine has affected the NBA League

Since the Covid break out the NBA league has taken some measures to ensure that our players and our fans are safe. They first implemented the mask then implemented not allowing fans in the arena which for a short time was sustainable for the players and for the league revenue wise.

While the league lost some money it also gained insight on how important it is for them to protect their players and their fans. They subjugated many players to testing and brought out Covid restrictions to players that would go out without wearing a mask and you have not been tested.

Many players got fined a lot of money because of their unwillingness to follow the rules that the NBA put in place. However as time moved on many players decided to keep themselves and others safe by regularly getting tested and wearing masks and social distancing. Which allowed The NBA to resume with season.

Looking towards today we see that the NBA is now advocating for their NBA players to be vaccinated for the team’s health and for our fans’ health. As well and for the well-being of the NBA leagues, their teams and jobs that are placed within those rankings.

It is for the simple fact that we’d like to keep our players playing as long as they can and keep the NBA running as long as it can for the joy of the sport of basketball.


When we look at the players in the world in general we see your frustration with Covid because of how it has affected us as people. Also, how it has affected in this case entertainment in the sport of basketball. We see many players at this point getting vaccinated to not only abide by the NBA rules but by their state rules and their team rules.

On the other hand we see other players that are against getting the vaccine for personal reasons and have suffered the consequences for not getting the vaccination. Well this pandemic may not be as serious as others. It has brought our society to a halt in jobs and personal life and in social life.

Players in the NBA are no longer allowed to move as freely as they would like nor are they allowed to interact as freely as they would like in fear of spreading Covid or getting Covid. Today we see a lot of players abiding by the Covid rules of the NBA.

States have said in order to continue the great game of basketball and to do what they love, they must follow the rules. Covid has halted all of us in our day-to-day lives, however it’s up to us to keep ourselves healthy by social distancing and keeping clean and taking the vaccine if those choose to.

Supporting each other through this time when so many are dying and so many have been affected. Instead of dividing us we should let this pandemic bring us closer together in a sense of being one as a people. Players around the NBA have outwardly expressed their support of one another and their goal to using their platform to help stop the spread of Covid.


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