How will the new NBA foul rules affect the games

_How will the new NBA foul rules affect the games


In recent years the NBA has revised its in-game rules to accommodate certain positions that players play and how the style of the game has changed with the times.  The new revelation and shooting, and growing number of point guards and shooting guards coming into the league.

In the previous year it was more centered around the three point shot and how it would be defended and what would be considered a foul as it pertains to being within the players shooting area. However now in the league it’s more centered around small fouls and how we can incorporate better defense into an offense heavy game.

From the small sample size of games that have happened since the start of the season we have seen players not get file calls that they previously would get in previous seasons. As well as, officials are allowing players to be more physical during the regular season in order to make the games more exciting.

In regards to the leagues players these rules will be in set for all positions one through five however another part of having these rules is to better regulate superstars and how much leeway they get during the game. Three players that come to mind are James Harden, LeBron James and Trae Young, these three players in the past have received a lot of foul calls, some deserved and some not that spurred up arguments throughout the league and throughout social media.

The league has moved toward small ball play and being guard heavy in the coming years however the league wants The games to remain exciting and fair for all those that are battling for rebounds and playing hard defense to make the game even more exciting.


While teams are still scoring large amounts during the game the referees have been trained to not call “soft“ fouls or ticky-tacky fouls, that would be considered handshaking or hard-pressed defense. Well this isn’t a new strategy the NBA league has been incorporating these rules slowly over the seasons, to allow players to adjust to having less fouls called in the future.

The league wants to make it harder for players to receive phone calls especially when the nature of the game is to be somewhat aggressive. For example the step back three and the mid range floater have been revitalized to where there has to be clear and distinct contact and disruption of the office of player for there to be a foul.

However this does not go without making changes to both the offensive and defensive end. Offensive players will no longer be able to push off their defenders to create space and defenders will be given more leeway to press up on the offensive players.

These are all efforts for the league to make the games more exciting and to not have them become “All-Star game like“ games where teams play no defense and just put up huge numbers. These efforts are to help the players and the league so that it maintains its level of excitement and fairness.


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