Kyrie Irving Retirement | Will He Retire if Traded by Nets?

Kyrie Irving Retirement

Nick Wright of Fox Sports dropped a bomb on Twitter that had the entire basketball world buzzing, and that is if the Brooklyn Nets trade Kyrie Irving, then Irving would simply retire from the NBA.

However, Irving responded to Wright’s tweet calling him “a puppet” with a gif of a hand controlling an action figure.

Kyrie Irving Retirement | Could it Happen?

All offseason long, there’ve been several loose rumors about the Nets looking into the possibility of trading Irving, but they’ve never quite taken off and reached the more credible reporters around the NBA including Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania, so that seems to suggest that all of that buzz is simply empty gossip.

In sports media, networks and personalities always need something to talk about in order to outdo their competitors and engage their audience. That’s nothing new. But those same networks and personalities will lose their credibility in the process, so this whole ordeal can serve as a double-edged sword.

Besides, Irving proved last season that he can still be wildly effective next to two elite scorers in Kevin Durant and James Harden, so why would the Nets want to mess up that dynamic?

Irving averaged nearly 27 points on 50/40/90 shooting splits. Historic numbers like that don’t grow on trees.

Some people may point to Irving’s unannounced absence in January, but Irving and the Nets’ organization were seemingly able to move past that and there have been no reports of any lingering conflicts between the two parties.

Unless the Nets get back someone like Giannis Antetokounmpo back in a trade for Irving, it would be a colossal mistake for the organization to trade him.

Will He Retire if Traded by the Nets?

Irving has consistently professed his love for the organization dating back to his childhood, as he grew up in New Jersey as a fan of the team back in the Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter era. Fans love having a player that identifies with the brand on and off the court.

Plus, in the playoffs, the game tends to slow down since the remaining teams understand how to dictate the pace of the game on their own terms and play lockdown defense.

Irving is easily one of the best-equipped players to take over games in the playoffs in the entire league. If you remember the 2016 Finals, he gave LeBron James a serious run for his money when it came down to who should be the Finals MVP that year let alone outplaying the first unanimous MVP ever in Stephen Curry.

It’s Irving’s ability to take his defenders off the dribble, pull up from anywhere on the floor, and finish at the rim at efficiency levels that rival some of the best 7-footers in the game that makes him so unstoppable as a basketball player. Once he gets a step on you, it’s basically over.

Wrapping Things Upw3

A concern that has followed Irving throughout his playing career is his tendency to say something unconventional, which in turn leads people into thinking that he’s a locker room cancer or a headache to have around the organization.

However, while he’s certainly had his down moments, so has pretty much every superstar player in any sport. It’s called being a human being, and what he does for humanity is far bigger than the game of basketball.

Kyrie Irving Retirement if Traded by the Nets

He purchased a home for George Floyd’s family, he covered the cost of WNBA players’ salaries who chose to sit out of the bubble in 2020, covered the cost of several HBCU students’ tuition among other generous contributions.

As a teammate? Several players have come to his defense when asked if Irving is a bad teammate.

“I think a lot of times a lot of things that he’s done has just sort of been taken out of context a little bit,” Nets guard/forward Joe Harris said. “Behind closed doors, he really is a real consistent guy. He comes in, he busts his tail every day, he competes every day in practice.

“Like all of us, it’s not like we’re all hitting on all cylinders every single day. There’s some days where he might be a little off here and there, but at the end of the day, he’s a great dude, great teammate, and he comes in and competes and works hard every day. That’s all you expect out of your teammates.”

All-in-all, Irving is almost certainly not going anywhere, as he and his “Big 3” teammates all have their eyes on taking home a championship this upcoming season.


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