Most Likely Future NBA MVP’s

The future is bright for some of the league’s current youngsters. There’s also a group of elite players who haven’t won NBA MVP but are in line to do so. Most never win one, and those who do are almost guaranteed to be destined for the Hall of Fame.

Joel Embiid

Embiid is likely the first of this group to win the MVP award. He’s already having probably his best season to date and is one of the current favorites.

This Sixers franchise belongs to Joel, and they pretty much have been relying heavily on his production for a few years now. He has the offensive ability and the defensive star power. Without him, the Sixers would really struggle, and even if he doesn’t win it this season, he will always be the most valuable piece on Philadelphia’s roster, and still just 27 years old.

LaMelo Ball

Ball, the youngest of the three Ball brothers, has the brightest future by a mile. He’s already an All-Star in just his second season and won’t even be 21 by the end of his sophomore year in the NBA.

He’s one of the league’s most complete offensive players, with fantastic passing ability and a solid shooting stroke. He’s very athletic, making him a great finisher around the rim.

If he can finish his game by becoming a reliable defender and a consistent shooter, Ball can be a unanimous annual all-star and eventual MVP.

Trae Young

In his fourth year in the league, perhaps we know what Trae Young is as an NBA player. One of the league’s best shooters and passers, but occasionally has some turnover issues. But he will always carry his team in the scoring department.

Scoring is one of the most important parts of a stat sheet for aspiring MVPs, and Young has that mastered. One year where he averages his usual 25+ points, and his team turns elite, Young will be a frontrunner.

Devin Booker

DBook is in his seventh year in the league, though he’s only 25 years old. He’s already proven himself to be one of the league’s best scorers and shooters, and he should have many years of his prime remaining.

Now a three-time All-Star, Booker’s stock has been steadily rising. He’s shown his ability to win, and once Chris Paul’s career finally hits a wall, Booker will be in charge of this team. Perhaps his maturity and scoring ability will allow him to reach undeniable MVP status. He may have one of the longest primes in recent NBA history.

Ja Morant

Already a frontrunner, Morant is an All-Star in his third year. Once in the shadows of first overall pick Zion Williamson, Morant is proving that he will be the best player in his draft class.

He’s turned the Grizzlies entirely around single-handily, passing and scoring, making his teammates better.
By making his teammates better he makes his team better, shooting them up in the Western Conference standings. He’s the best player on one of the league’s most up-and-coming teams; that’s the blueprint for an MVP.

Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell’s hype has seemed to regress as he plays in his fifth NBA season. His attributes and accomplishments are now just the standards, and his being young no longer makes him unique.

Though he hasn’t had one of his best years to date, he’s still a top-tier scorer on a very good Utah Jazz team. He just needs to have one year where he absolutely shines and stays healthy, and the three-time All-Star will be back in the MVP conversation in the near future.

Luka Doncic

In his fourth year, Luka is already regarded as one of the league’s best players. He’s a three-time All-Star and has taken his team to the playoffs consistently. He’s almost unguardable and has a game that is unlike any other.

He’s been one of the favorites to win the award n the last couple of years. It’s only a matter of time before his time comes and the voters recognize his immense value to a team that without him, would be nothing.

Kawhi Leonard

Leonard is 30, and his best chances to win MVP have likely gone by the wayside. But it’s not impossible that he recovers from his horrible injury and returns just as strong as he once was.

He’s a two-time champion, a two-time Finals MVP, and a five-time All-Star. Regular season MVP is all he’s missing on his mantle. He doesn’t have a flashy game, but he’s quietly still one of the league’s top talents.

He’s a premier defender and a fantastic scorer. Don’t count him out on leading a team to another fantastic season as he did with Toronto, but this time being rewarded for his indescribable value on both ends of the floor.

That’s a look at our top likely future NBA MVP’s — keep an eye out for more NBA basketball betting articles on our site in the near future..


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