NBA and NCAA Playoffs


The NCAA does the playoffs much better than the NBA, march madness is one of the most exciting times of the year. The quick and intense sixty-eight team bracket takes the country by storm as everybody watches to see if their team will go the distance.

The NBA playoffs are very different as they can last almost two and half months long. At one point, only one or two games are played a week. Though most of the games are played at the highest level of basketball, most people just want to see who’s crowned champion.

March Madness

The excitement of March Madness begins early as people start to make brackets predicting who will each game and take the tournament home. In all of the years that March madness has gone on, no one has ever gotten a verified perfect bracket.

The chances of getting a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.1 quintillions. This doesn’t stop people from creating leagues, and the person with the best-predicted bracket will win either money or a prize. Some people will even spend the whole regular season doing calculations to get the most accurate bracket possible..

Not only is the bracket making fun, but the games are also some of the most exciting in all of basketball. Watching cinderella stories, underdogs, and tanks of a team dominate in all of the same tournaments is riveting. The narratives of teams make themselves each year.

A perfect example of this is in the 2022 playoffs as 15th seed Saint Peters took down teams like Kentucky, Murray St, and Purdue. They ended up losing in the elite eight to the eight seed North Carolina but watching this team with nothing to lose make it that far was exciting in itself.

NBA Playoffs

The first difference between the NBA and the NCAA is the excitement of each game. At the beginning of the NBA playoffs, there are plenty of games to watch. Though not all games are treated equally. Series between the one and eighth seeds seem to have one exciting game, and the rest are blowouts.

The NBA has tried to make improvements to make the playoffs more exciting as they introduced the play in tournaments. This consists of the 6th through 10th seed competing for two spots in the playoffs in the east and the west. Though the games are competitive and fun to watch.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s hard to see the bigger picture and ignore the fact that each of these teams doesn’t exactly have a chance against the top teams in the league in a seven-game series. The last time an eight seed beat the number one seed was over two decades ago in 1994.

The NBA has made some good steps in the right direction of making the playoffs more exciting but the NCAA takes the win in which of the two gets more viewership and hype around them. Most NBA fans would like to see more changes implemented to make the playoffs more exciting.


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