NBA Offseason Recap


Although most fans wanted an exciting offseason with many changes around the league. This didn’t exactly happen as player value and drama were the two key factors in this offseason. Even with teams holding off on trades for a majority of the summer there were some blockbuster changes to the league.

These changes to the league puts some teams like the Clippers, Timberwolves, and Blazers in a spot where they can heavily improve on their last season. This isn’t the case for every team as some organizations lost trades and ended up with less than what they wanted. Along with that there are teams that haven’t made trades and need to.
Biggest Trades and Signings

To start the offseason, the smaller trades included Kemba Walker going to the Pistons and the Mavericks acquiring Christian Wood. The first big move of the offseason was the Clippers signing John Wall who, if healthy will be a great fit for the Clippers. Having someone to facilitate the offense while Leonard and George can focus more on defense and scoring.

The next big trade was Dejounte Murray being traded to the Hawks. This had many NBA fans split on if this was the right decision for the Hawks. Dejounte Murray, on paper seems to fit with the Hawks as he brings much-needed defense on the perimeter. Along with another high-level scorer that Trae Young can work with.

Two trades next are ones that truly change the way the NBA may look. The first being Jermai Grant to the Blazers. For years Dame has been hoping to get some help in Portland and with the addition of Grant, this gives the Blazers a solid second option who can play solid offense and defense.

The trade that slowed the off-season the most was Rudy Gobert to the Timberwolves. This was an odd move as they already have an all star center. This does give the Timberwolves solid interior defense. Although this trade seems simple it’s what the Jazz got for Rudy Gobert that slowed the offseason.

A player of Rudy Gobert’s caliber was traded for five players and five draft picks. This raised the value of other all-star players in the NBA that want to be traded. This was most evident in the Kevin Durant trade request.
Kevin Durant was valued so high that no team was able to meet that demand with the Nets and caused most of the NBA to be stopped in its tracks along the way. Since that trade happened the final big trade of the off-season so far has been Patrick Beverley to the Lakers.

This was an odd trade for the Lakers as they already have Russel Westbrook as a point guard and it is unknown what the Lakers look to do in their game plan with each player as they are similar in what they do for the team. As the NBA season grows closer we look to what trades and signings come along to end the offseason.


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