NBA Opinion: Russell Westbrook


Russell Westbrook is a triple-double master, and he is a great player. He has averaged a triple-double four times ( an NBA record). The only other player to average a triple-double just (and only for a season) is Oscar Robertson.

Most people would think a player with four seasons of averaging a triple-double is on the pro basketball, Mount Rushmore. He is not, when most people think of all-time greats it’s Bird, Lebron, Jordan, Magic, and Kareem (non averaged a triple-double).

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Even Oscar Robertson isn’t on most people’s top 10/5 player of all time. We will discuss why and if that is a fair analysis. Then we will make a judgment if Russell deserves more credit.


A triple-double is a game where you get three stat lines often, like points, rebounds, and assist. It is impressive that Russell has down that and consistently. However every year he has down this it has been after Kevin Durant left OKC.

When Durant was on OKC he was the best player on the team, so when he left Russell got the ball more. As a result of that, he started to get a lot of his triple-doubles. When you have to put up the stats, he did that.

That’s not the end of the story, because all of his best seasons (team success) were with Durant. That gives fans the belief that Westbrook needs an all-star type player to have success. Once again that isn’t true, even when he had Paul George he never made it out the second round.

It will be interesting to see how the Lakers do because then the discussion can either change for the better for Westbrook. The opposite is he needs a Durant/Lebron type player. Westbrook is a great player, but what about stat-padding.


Stat Padding

A lot of fans and critics will point out that many of his triple-double games will be in a big loss or game where it doesn’t matter. Also, in the playoff, he plays worse, because of the strength teams he plays. He nears 200 hundred triple-doubles and only twelve have acquired during the playoffs.

It makes sense that he has playoff triple-doubles that are way less than his regular season, but 12 seems low. That adds to great regular-season starts, but can’t get it down for the playoffs. The argument even gets worse for him, when we list his on NBA appearance (with KD).

With the negative there of course is the other side. A triple-double is hard and it should be recognized. Him doing it four times, where not another guy could do it twice is a hall of fame career.

He has also been to countless all-star games and won an MVP. Also, to be fair Durant only won rings after he joined the Golden State juggernaut of a team. There is a lot of good, but I think it’s easy to see why he isn’t on basketball Mount Rushmore.


We discussed why Russell Westbrook deserves to be in the hall of fame, but his lack of success in the postseason limits him (not even mentioning his late-game chokes). He will consider a great regular season player unless he can win a couple of rings.

At one time he was a top-five player in the NBA, but that day has passed. He is reaching the end of the road it looks and is not at the same level. Nowadays he is more of a top 15 to 10 player.

He is still an all-star type of player but isn’t someone you would want to build a team around him. He is better at basketball than 99 percent of the Earth and will make the hall of fame, but needs more to his resume to be on the pro basketball Rushmore.


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