NBA Players That Will Be Traded Before Trade Deadline


The NBA trade deadline is coming up, and it looks as though general managers are beginning to intensify their talks of trading their star and role players. This will only grow more intense as teams begin to see how their season will likely be playing out. In February, most teams will see if they are a championship contender, a bubble team, or someone that is looking forward to the lottery. When most of the front office’s realize where they are, expect some of these players to be the first ones to be moved.

Tobias Harris

The Philadelphia 76ers general manager Daryl Morey expressed an interest in adding a third star to Philly in the off-season. However unless PJ Tucker was the star that he had in mind, that did not come to works. Reports from The Athletic say that the 76ers have begun to listen to trade talks for Harris, who has been in trade rumors basically since he arrived in Philadelphia. Now with the 76ers having role players that are leaders like PJ Tucker, Harris could be more expendable, and Philly could explore trading the forward for someone with a brighter future such as John Collins or someone of his caliber.

John Collins

Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins has been in trade talks for what feels like around four seasons now. Collins has had an up-and-down NBA career with Atlanta, with playoff breakout performances that look like he is worth every bit of money that he is getting, while other times he is reduced to a wing shooter without using a lot of his athletism in the post.

Atlanta is also a competitive team, with a solidified NBA backcourt. The Hawks have the luxury of being able to trade someone like columns, and getting multiple solid pieces to finish out the roster. Though likely nobody that Atlanta will trade for will be better than Collins as an individual, the sum of the pieces could be what propels Atlanta to compete for the Eastern Conference Championship.

Collins would make a lot of sense in somewhere such as Philadelphia.

Russell Westbrook

The most talked-about player to be traded for the last couple seasons is Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook. Of course, Westbrook is not the player that he was in Oklahoma City or with the Houston Rockets. With Westbrook being one of the highest-paid NBA players in the league, and it being the one massive NBA contract that the Lakers can get off of the books in a trade to save their NBA season, it seems as though this has to be the deal that they make.

The constant trade that is talked about with what Westbrook is with the Indiana Pacers. The Lakers would trade Westbrook to the Pacers for Myles Turner and Buddy Hield. After years of speculation, this seems like the trade that will finally go down, and end the saga of Westbrook and Lakers.

Jae Crowder

The Phoenix Suns and Jay Crowder look to be parting ways, as the Suns are exploring NBA trade offers, and Crowder will not play for them while a deal is ultimately finalized. Crowder is a great veteran forward, whose contract is expiring, and would make sense for a lot of contending teams, looking to add that one last piece to a championship run. Expect a team like the Milwaukee Bucks to be in for Crowder, trying to trae someone like Grayson Allen to add more veteran leadership and toughness to their squad.


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