NBA Trade Deadline Grades

NBA Trade Deadline

The 2022 NBA Trade Deadline has come and gone. Here, I’ve broken down the top three biggest trades from the day and given teams a letter grade for their efforts.

Let’s jump right in.

Trade #1:

Brooklyn Nets receive: Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, 2022 first round pick, 2027 first round pick (top-eight protected)
Philadelphia 76ers Receive: James Harden, Paul Millsap

This is easily the biggest trade of the season so far. I see it benefitting both teams to a degree, but to me, it seems like the Sixers got the better end of this deal. The Nets only played 16 games with Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant all on the floor together, and they were 13-3 in those games. It’s clear that the Nets had what they needed but just couldn’t make it all come together.

Now the Nets have Simmons who’s averaging 14-7-7 so far this year and is also known to be a problem in the locker room. The Sixers on the other hand get a former MVP to play alongside their current MVP candidate. With this trade, I believe the Sixers have put themselves in serious contention to win the east. Harden is top 2 in assists in the NBA, as he is every year, and Embiid and Harden are 1 and 19 respectively in points per game.

If Embiid and Harden can stay healthy it’s going to be hard to stop them down the stretch.

Grade: Nets B, Sixers A-

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Trade #2:

Celtics receive: Derrick White
Spurs receive: Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford, 2022 first round pick (top four protected), swap rights on 2028 first round pick.

I like this deal for the Celtics, but unfortunately I don’t know if it gets them to where they need it to. White is the kind of player that hustles on defense and finds open guys on offense. He knows how to move the ball and is unselfish.

I think White provides scoring and intensity for this somewhat lackluster Celtics squad. On the other side Richardson has been the Celtics most effective man coming off the bench, and he’ll look to repeat that success in San Antonio. On top of that Romeo Langford has potential to be a good bench player but still has a lot to prove to his new team.

Grade: Celtics B, Spurs C+

Trade #3:

Dallas receives: Spencer Dinwiddie, Davis Bertans

Washington receives: Kristaps Porzingis, future second round pick

For the Wizards, this is a miracle. I don’t think it will turn them into immediate contenders, but to somehow get a highly skilled player while dropping two of your less attractive contracts is very favorable. All-star Bradley Beal just elected to get season ending surgery, so the Wizards needed a move to keep everything under control in the nation’s capital.

Kristaps has the potential to help make serious changes in D.C. He’s a big player with loads of skill, and he could potentially work well with Deni Avdija, Rui Hachimura, and Beal as well. However, he never panned out in Dallas despite having the legend himself Luka Doncic on the floor next to him. That’s the only thing that worries me about this deal; If Porzingis couldn’t do it with Luka, why would he be able to do it with Beal?

Regardless of what goes down in Washington, Dallas needs to take a step back and look at what they’re doing. In this trade they’re losing a talent who hasn’t panned out for them. In return they get an underwhelming performer in Bertans, someone who has completely underplayed his last contracts’ value, and Dinwiddie, a tall guard who has looked less than impressive this season.

Grade: Wizards B+, Mavericks C-


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