March Madness Sweet 16
NCAA Men's Basketball

Sweet 16 Players To Watch

We are now on the cusp of a Sweet 16 that has it all. We have a Cinderella in Saint Peter’s. We have the young guns from Arizona and the defensive juggernaut in Houston. Michigan and North Carolina are the talented underachievers that have gotten it together at just the right time. We also have the traditional blue bloods in Kansas, Gonzaga, UCLA and Duke continuing their postseason dominance.  […]

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NCAA Men's Basketball

5 College Basketball Title Futures Best to Bet

This week, Ken Pomeroy released his rankings while the Associated Press released their first college basketball top 25. Both events signal that college basketball is all but upon us. While these lists provide plenty of topics of discussion, let’s first take a look at the five teams I am betting on for the title. […]