The Future of the NBA: Jokić

future of the NBA

Let’s talk about the future of the NBA. The way the NBA has been going so far it seems as if the offense of the game has been pushed to the three-point line. In the last several years the game has expanded greatly.

I want to examine the reason why the NBA has expanded their office really to the three-point line I believe Stephen Curry has a huge role to play in this offensive of adjustment. Back in the day, the NBA used to be played in the paint. like some teams who conform to this ideal style of playing.

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League MVP is the Future of the NBA

Let’s examine Jokić. The joker has recently been awarded MVP of the NBA the Joker is an interesting topic because of his physical appearance. When you look at the joker you would never imagine him to be the league the lead leader in MVP. These are the same reasons why I respect Nikola Jokić so much.

He’s able to average similar stats for two appointments such as Joel Embiid with an unimpressive physical appearance. This is just a testament to how good Nikola Jokić is. He has revolutionized the center position. Jokic averaged 27 and 12 in the 2022 season and is no doubt the best center in the NBA currently. The versatility of players like indeed and jokic is undeniable my question is how long they can keep up these performances and can be matched by other centers in the league.

Players like Kevin Durant who stays at a 7-foot frame have entered the league lying on their height. Kevin Durant was interviewed and explained why he lied about his hate when entering the NBA. He didn’t want NBA Skelton coaches to place them in a box and hold until a single position sensor is usually known for back-to-the-basket scoring.

Players like Shaquille O’Neal Yamin dominated with this type of mindset, but the NBA has reached a new day and age where the three-point line is more valuable than two points. The success of the Golden State Warriors is to blame for this anomaly. Stephen Curry has changed the game of basketball forever.

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Four-point Shot?

Realistically how far can you extend the range of a three-point shot, are we getting to the point where there are possibly talks of a four-pointer being created in the future of the NBA. All I’m saying is there needs to be a conversation about logistics in the NBA. I constantly wonder what the future of the NBA will look like considering the route it is currently on.

I wonder how long players like your Jokić and Embid can keep up their performance. will there be any seven-footers in the league with post-up Basketball like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and David Robinson. Some players are just so dominant their place can never be lost but no fault to me for being curious. The future of the NBA is the curious one as it is continuously growing to be very guard-heavy, I wonder if there will be a place for centers in the future.


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