Top 5 Point Guards to Play in the NBA

Point Guards

All aspects of the game need to be considered to be one of the top point guards to ever touch the court, along with the player’s impact on the entire basketball game. While the point guard position can be very versatile, this list will consist of true point guards. So players like Lebron James will not be in consideration in this list.

Magic Johnson

One of the most electric players to touch the court, Magic Johnson co-owns an entire decade. In the 80s, Johnson would spring the Lakers into the best organization and team in the league. His electric passing ability and court vision made Johnson the dominant player he is known as. Winning three finals MVPs, five finals, and three regular-season MVPs.

Steph Curry

The best three-point shooter to ever touch the court, Steph Curry is known by fans as either the best or second-best point guard to ever touch the court, only behind Magic Johnson. Curry changed the game of basketball by utilizing the three-point shot like no one other. Curry holds the all-time three-points made record, along with a plethora of accolades to back it up.

Isiah Thomas

The bad boys’ Pistons were disliked by a majority of the league. Thomas led this team to two championships in the late 80s and early 90s. Using his speed and handles to blow past defenders and get to the basket. That, coupled with the fighting and dirty attitude the Pistons at the time played with, launched Thomas into one of the best point guards ever.

Oscar Robertson

The oldest player to make this list but undoubtedly should be considered one of the best. Robertson dominated the 70s on the Milwaukee Bucks, racking up one regular season MVP and an NBA title. That is not exactly what Robertson is known for, he was the first player ever to average a triple double over the course of a season. Although Robertson played in an older era, he was still as dominant as the others.

John Stockton

Considered to be the best passer to every touch on the court, John Stockton was a phenomenal playmaker. Stockton holds the record for the most assist ever in the NBA, with over 15,000 assist racked up over a lengthy career. One of the biggest knocks on Stockons’s career is the lack of accolades built up.

Although Stockton did not rack up a lot of accolades, he did play during the Jordan era losing two championships in a row to someone who is considered to be the best to ever play the game. Stockton showed his promise through his play, making some of the most insane passes to ever be seen.


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