Who Would Win a 1v1 Tournament in the NBA?


NBA basketball games involve five players on each team on the court at the same time. The team aspect of the game influences the strategy required to win basketball games. What would happen if you took the team aspect of the game away?

A 1v1  tournament is definitely something exciting to consider. It would be a great addition as an All-Star Weekend event, if the NBA were to ever consider adding it. The tournament would be extremely competitive, as each player would be focused on earning the bragging rights that come with winning the tournament. It would be a sign that they are the best individual talent in the NBA.

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Keeping that in mind, who would win a 1v1 tournament in the league. In this article, we consider some of the best individual talents across the NBA who could win a tournament of this kind.

LeBron James

Even though a one-on-one tournament would remove passing from the picture, LeBron James is still a player you have to consider when predicting a winner for an NBA 1v1 tournament. That is a testament to his greatness in all areas of the game.
Even though his greatest skill is being removed from the game, LeBron James would still be one of the favorites to win this tournament. That is because his strength and speed set him apart from most of the NBA. LeBron has also developed his shot-making over the course of his career. Even at the age of 37, LeBron is still one of the most talented in the NBA.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is another player who has a good chance to win a one-on-one NBA tournament. Kyrie is crafty. He is the best ball-handler in the NBA, hands-down. That is just one piece of what makes Irving arguably the best individual offensive talent in the NBA.

Kyrie Irving is a phenomenal athlete. There is nothing he can’t do. He would be successful in a one-on-one tournament because of his handles, his shooting ability, and his finishing ability in the paint. Irving’s style of play seems like it would fit in with the strategy and style that comes with 1v1 basketball.

Kevin Durant

Out of all the players in the NBA, Kevin Durant should be considered the favorite to win a 1v1 tournament. Durant is one of the most skilled players of all time. What gives him the edge over every other player is his size on top of his skill. As a seven-footer with guard skills, he has the right build to be able to score at ease in a one-on-one format. He has enough size to be able to shoot over anyone. He has enough speed to be able to create whatever shot he wants.

Offensively, Durant is unstoppable. It is nearly impossible to guard him when there are five defenders on the court; just imagine if there was only one defender trying to stop him. Watching Durant in a one-on-one basketball tournament would be something to behold. Hopefully, the league considers implementing a tournament of this kind so fans can witness the spectacle of Kevin Durant and other top NBA talents.


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