Why College Basketball Is the Most Exciting Sport To Watch

Why College Basketball Is the Most Exciting Sport To Watch

The most exciting part of the College Basketball season is almost underway, and the whole country eagerly awaits the last stretch.

Why the Craze?

As a student at the University of Miami, being able to witness your school on national tv dance their way to the Elite 8, being up at half-time against Kansas to continue the dance to the Final Four nearly, is one of the most incredible feeling as a student and sports fan.

I was never into College Basketball or March Madness and didn’t attend a Basketball cultural school. However, after watching the conference tournaments, Selection Sunday, and March Madness, the journey was jaw-dropping.

The unpredictability of how games can end no matter the lead, the Cinderella story upsets, the craze of students, and the sounds of marching bands makes the culture of College Basketball something to embrace.

The Numbers

The statistics behind the March Madness tournament are some of the most intriguing facts:

-149 million brackets are created
-In 2021, an estimated $10 billion dollars was wagered on illegal and legal betting apps
-The odds of getting the bracket 100% correct are 1 in 9.2 quintillion
-17% of Americans placed a wager on the 2022 tournament

Culture and Unpredictability

The culture and tradition of every school make it so unique to see some of the craziest sports stories being told. One of the greatest sports underdog stories that viewers could love was the St.Peter’s Peacocks from Jersey City.

The craze started with the unknown Jersey City team defeating John Calipari’s mighty 2-seed Kentucky team and advancing all the way to the Elite 8 to lose to the tournament runner-ups at UNC. The whole country fell in love with this small school’s journey, and it became one of the best underdog stories in recent sports memory.

NIL Growth

The 2022 March Madness brought to life the growth of the exposure of NIL deals. Student-athletes were in many deals and established new partnerships due to the tournament. This became a fantastic opportunity for young athletes to grow their brands and gain financial income.

One of the most controversial issues in sports has always been whether College student-athletes should be eligible for payment. This is the first big leap to see the space grow, and the continued growth will see larger amounts of sponsorship opportunities take place.

Hop Right Into the Excitement

If you’re a sports fan and have never fully watched NCAA College Basketball, this time of the year is the perfect time to start! The conference tournaments and school rivalries are even more intense than most professional sports rivals.

Due to the unpredictability and unknown, the first round of March Madness may be some of the best days of the sports year. Watching the Final Four games and Finals in a large stadium, even on TV, is one of the most intense and mesmerizing sports atmospheres from afar.

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