Why The Cavs Need to Draft Evan Mobley


The NBA Draft is happening on Thursday. It’s right around the corner and Cavs need to draft Evan Mobley. The pick is going to have to be in soon for all the top teams. The scouting process is winding down, and the GM’s are looking to make the move to help the better of their respective organization.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, this is a crucial time. This is their fourth year in a row picking inside of the top 10, and so, another chance to land a star to complement the others. Should they fail now, the future may be very bleak.

But if they can get it right, things will start to get better. They can do this by selecting a big man out of USC, named Evan Mobley. It’s the only way.


Mobley’s Strengths

There are a lot of reasons why the Cavs need to draft Evan Mobley. He is a 7’0 big man that can play both the power forward and center spots. And even though the Grizzlies made a key trade on Monday to move Jonas Valanciunas, he co-existed with Jaren Jackson Jr. for a couple of seasons. The dynamic they had over in Grind City could be a mirror image of what Cleveland has.

Steven Adams is off to Memphis now. There will still be two seven-footers in the lineup. The Cavs are going to pay Jarrett Allen this summer, not long after the draft takes place. So the chance to cement their two-big lineup is going to happen pretty quickly.

Mobley has a decent three-point shot, which will allow him to space the floor and get a lot of perimeter touches. And at times, he can also slot in as the backup center when Allen needs a breather. His versatility to play both spots will open up another rotation spot (possibly for Dean Wade?) to slot in and play next to him as a floor-spacer with the second unit.

He is also a very good shot-blocker. If he can develop quickness in his footwork, he might be able to run with guys toward the rim and then send their shots away as Josh Smith used to do in Atlanta.

Mobley’s Weaknesses


There is really only one problem with Evan Mobley, and it is actually also a strength. The fact is that he stands at 7’0 and so he might be a little slow-footed. He would have to play a lot on the perimeter, but it is something he can surely improve upon.

He would be splitting his minutes at the 4 & 5 spots, meaning he will get chances to guard all different players. Against small-ball teams, it could get harder. Should that be the case, they could manage the minutes like Memphis did last season. They took JJJ out early so that they could have four guards & forwards around JV.

The goal is going to be, should he be taken, to guard several positions. Tolay at several spots. His lack of speed and perhaps lankiness could be issues. But that is truly it. The guy is brimming with talent and could add a dynamic the team hasn’t had before.

Pull the Trigger, Please

Jalen Green may be available when the Cavs select at #3. But if he is, it would mean that Mobley is off the board, having been taken by the Rockets. The issue there would be that the team doesn’t believe enough in Christian Wood as a center, and either thinks of him as trade bait/as a power forward. And if that is in fact the situation, it gives them a chance.

If he is available though, it should be a total no-brainer. The Cavs need to pull the trigger. Mobley is a talented player that will develop into an All-Star before too long. With all of the Collin Sexton (blasphemous) rumors swirling, they need to silence them by selecting this talented big.

And in the case something happened to Allen where he had to miss a lot of games, they have a perfect solution to now play center. And though he will never amount to the player Anthony Davis is, his ability to be successful at multiple big spots makes him a unique comparison by frame/ability.

Make it happen. Bring Mobley in. Please. If he is not available, we riot.


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